Daniel Kordík’s “Poznova” & special Friday fundraiser 💫

We are back with some new field recordings!

Daniel Kordík’s “Poznova” is a new 6-track album on our FIELDS edition. Poznova is based on field recordings from various countries such as Vietnam, Sri Lanka, Laos, and Morocco and it focuses on sounds of different times of a single day—starting with morning sounds and finishing with the sounds of the approaching night time. The title Poznova is an interplay between the words ‘Po’ (after) and ‘Znova’ (again). It’s about rebirth, repetition, and imperfection.

Friday fundraiser

But that is not all! We are moved by the current struggles of minorities in the US, which very much remind us of our local problems. Slovakia (where LOM is based) is one of the most racist countries in Europe, with a particular focus on Romani people–communities that are neglected by the state, living in dire conditions, and facing police brutality. In a spirit of “think globally, act locally” we are doing a joined fundraiser for the two causes.

Our today’s profit share from the new album will be donated to Way out, NGO helping members (especially children) of Romani communities trapped in generational poverty in Slovakia.

Bandcamp is donating their part of today’s profits towards NAACP Legal Defense and Educational Fund, top legal firm fighting for racial justice in the US.

We also joined our efforts with NGO Tradana. Their latest release by the “Pokošovci band” presents the essence and unique interconnections of the Slovak and Romani traditional music of the Horehronie region and comes with an educative English-friendly booklet!

Buying their double-CD today will fund the same organisations as our latest release, so we decided to cross-promote our work – we believe some of you may enjoy it! 🙂

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LOM applied: George Vlad

The second LOM applied edition is dedicated to sound designer, composer, and recordist George Vlad. George is passionate about wildlife recording in Amazon and Africa, where he utilizes several pairs of LOM microphones.

“I’ve been recording sounds in the field since 2011 and my main focus is remote, untouched nature. I often have to leave equipment out for days at a time in very unforgiving conditions. MikroUši and MikroUši Pro microphones offer an excellent balance between audio quality, sturdiness and small enough size so I can hide my rigs easily. I’ve used them to record huge downpours in tropical jungles, dead quiet winter nights in temperate forests and an active volcano to give a few examples. These mics have even survived a bear attack!” – George Vlad

Amazon rainforest – Humid ambiance (mikroUši)

Amazon rainforest ambiance (mikroUši)

Borneo – Empress cicadas (mikroUši Pro)

Borneo – Jungle rain (mikroUši Pro)

Ethiopia – Erta Ale volcano (mikroUši)

All rights reserved © George Vlad

LOM applied is a series dedicated to interesting uses of LOM instruments in the field.

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LOM applied: David Petráš — Geofón

LOM applied is a new small series dedicated to interesting uses of our instruments in the field. We are starting off with David Petráš and his Geofón recordings of a military bridge named “MAMUT”. Its old construction is falling apart and David decided to capture its incredible vibrations and resonances—before it collapses or gets repaired.

Some rights reserved.

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Open call: Sensing electromagnetics

Dear fellow recordists and electromagnetic enthusiasts,
we are looking for your best electromagnetic recordings for an upcoming compilation on LOM. Our favourite submissions will be part of the final release and rewarded with 3 physical copies. The release will be available as “name your price” on our Bandcamp, as well as a CD.

Submission conditions:

  • raw* electromagnetic recordings (either done with Elektrosluch, Elektrouši or other electromagnetic sensing methods – pickup coils, guitar pickups, VLF antennas, etc.)
  • 1 submission per artist (no longer then 5 minutes)
  • lossless files (WAV/AIFF/FLAC) only, preferably in 44.1 kHz/24 bit
  • story behind the sound is optional, abstract track names are welcome
  • clearly state your artistic name and name of the track

* No effect processing. Editing, volume adjustments and layering are OK.

Submit your work via wetransfer.com to workshop(at)zvukolom.org
If you have any questions, contact us at the same address.
Deadline for your submissions is 31. 7. 2016.

We’re looking forward to hear your works!

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New fleet of Elektrosluch

The long-awaited Elektrosluch is back for pre-orders.
And it has few new interesting siblings!


Elektrosluch 3+ is the most sensitive Elektrosluch yet. By using state of the art operational amplifier, we have managed to significantly improve signal to noise ratio and extend the frequency response (both on low and high frequencies). This will allow you to capture even more delicate electromagnetic sounds with greater detail and definition. Its cover is now made from more robust & frosty plastics for better protection.


Elektrosluch Mini is the one for the DIYers out there. It comes in a form of a kit, including all the parts, battery and plastic cover for protection. It is the ideal choice for people on the budget who like to solder their own instruments.
Note: It comes in limited batch of 40 units.


Elektrouši is a pair of passive electromagnetic sensors. You can plug them to your Elektrosluch 2, Elektrosluch 3 or Elektrosluch 3+ for extended range of sensing or use them with portable recorders as electromagnetic microphones.


Elektrosluch Priezor is a new device we’re working on, but not selling just yet. It is extremely sensitive and capable of capturing faint atmospheric events in VLF radio bands. Compared to regular Elektrosluch, it is less directional and focused, and therefore more useful in recording ambient electromagnetics, where the overall sound of the place is desired.

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ZVUK 2014


Outdoor festival of sonic blessings (by LOM)

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Out now!


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Angakkut – Unshaped Unspoken OUT NOW


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OUT NOW: András Cséfalvay – Funeral the Musical and another tabletop opera

András Cséfalvay is mostly known for his works in visual and conceptual art, but recently he started to show promise as a musician. Well, more then promise–we were truly hit in the [heart], when we received his newest work. Opera called “Funeral the Musical” is a set of intimate bedroom recordings telling us stories about worms, love and graveyards. Delicate, yet powerful voice, covered with harpsichordy-icing and synthesizery-cherries navigates us through the story with bravery and embarassing honesty at the same time.

Read and listen more here

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OUT NOW: Daniel Kordík – [Sy][ria]

LOM06“[Sy][ria] consists of 5 compositions based mainly on sound from field recordings made between April and May 2011 on various locations across Syria. These include Damascus, Maaloula, “Road 90″ to Palmyra, Deir ez-Zur, Aleppo and Hama and their surrounding areas. Due to security reasons when the government forces were trying to suppress the start of the uprising, I used only my Sony portable minidisc recorder with its internal microphone.”

Read more and listen here

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