About us

LOM is a record label and instrument manufacturer based in Bratislava, Slovakia. It was founded in 2011 by Jonáš Gruska, Or.lock and Angakok Thoth. The record label part is mainly focusing on unknown or forgotten experimental artists from Eastern Europe. In 2014, FIELDS edition was created which focuses on new field recording works by emerging artists from the same geographical area of focus.
Recently, LOM has started a new division called LOM instruments, dedicated to releasing experimental software and hardware instruments.


We take care in choosing more responsible options in our manufacturing process, both ecological and social. For example, we choose local circuit board manufacturers over cheaper Chinese ones, both for quality of the work but also environmental impact and more strict regulations related to chemicals. We source our parts from manufacturers that care about conflict mineral issues (AVX, Kemet).

We re-use packaging materials such as bubble wrap and styrofoam. We use paper packaging tapes, so our shipping boxes can be recycled “as is” through standard recycling paper bins.

All LOM instruments are assembled, checked for quality and packed in Bratislava, Slovakia, either by us or by robots. Uši capsules and cabling are made in Japan. We use high-quality, long-lasting, gold-plated Neutrik connectors made in Lichtenstein. We generally try to avoid third-world sourced manufacturing, whereever possible – although some parts are just impossible to source elsewhere.