New fleet of Elektrosluch

The long-awaited Elektrosluch is back for pre-orders.
And it has few new interesting siblings!


Elektrosluch 3+ is the most sensitive Elektrosluch yet. By using state of the art operational amplifier, we have managed to significantly improve signal to noise ratio and extend the frequency response (both on low and high frequencies). This will allow you to capture even more delicate electromagnetic sounds with greater detail and definition. Its cover is now made from more robust & frosty plastics for better protection.


Elektrosluch Mini is the one for the DIYers out there. It comes in a form of a kit, including all the parts, battery and plastic cover for protection. It is the ideal choice for people on the budget who like to solder their own instruments.
Note: It comes in limited batch of 40 units.


Elektrouši is a pair of passive electromagnetic sensors. You can plug them to your Elektrosluch 2, Elektrosluch 3 or Elektrosluch 3+ for extended range of sensing or use them with portable recorders as electromagnetic microphones.


Elektrosluch Priezor is a new device we’re working on, but not selling just yet. It is extremely sensitive and capable of capturing faint atmospheric events in VLF radio bands. Compared to regular Elektrosluch, it is less directional and focused, and therefore more useful in recording ambient electromagnetics, where the overall sound of the place is desired.

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