OUT NOW: Piña Colada

LOM05The album Piña Colada by Cave Art is a special blend of weird pop, DIY synths (you might have heard of their ‘Standuino’ synth), and live improvisation. Heavily influenced the by the pre-90’s Czech generation of ‘bastlers’ – people building electronics at home in the context of the Soviet regime, Cave Art continue that tradition by soldering their own electronic instruments. Once finished, they accompany their electronic creations with strange-looking guitars and free vocals – singing the story of a smuggler from the future. Painting on the walls of 21st century with less formalism and more of a ‘pure’ colour.

Piña Colada was recorded live on 31.5.2013 at Schaustelle, Pinakothek der Moderne, Munich, Germany.

Listen and download for voluntary price here

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ZVŮK festival

For next weekend, we have prepared a special festival called ZVŮK. It will be an outdoor event with various experimental artists from Slovakia, Czech Republic, Puerto Rico, Belgium and Peru.

More info

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Zömmer sale!

Zömmer sale

All CD/DVDs 5 euros
All digital 3 euros

Get some!

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Out now: MRKVA – SNAISS ERPMI video

Completely fresh & wonderful video for “MRKVA – SNAISS ERPMI” by Ryan McRyhew from Chicago’s label Laser Palace. Get your digital or physical copy of MRKVA/BOLKA here.

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OUT NOW: Proposal for an Alteration of the Score

LOM04“Proposal for an Alteration of the Score” is the newest release by Jolana Havelková (visual artist) and Lucie Vítková (composer). The work is an allusion to František Kmoch, a 19th century composer who lived in the Czech city of Kolín. Jolana has created new interpretations of Kmoch’s works and turned them into graphic scores. These were then played and recorded by Lucie (on accordion, piano, organ and voice) at different places, each somehow relating to Kmoch’s life. The result is a minimalistic and rivetting work, combining lost memories and flashbacks with Kolín’s contemporary sonic environment.

Listen, download and get CDs here.

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Pre-order “Návrh na změnu partitury” now

Our new release is now available as digital and physical pre-order on our bandcamp with preview of 3 tracks.

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Preview of upcoming release by Jolana Havelková & Lucie Vítková

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Out now: VooDooMan – Voices from Antidimension

LOM04This retrospective web-release is a journey through VooDooMan’s extensive discography with a mission to show the various outcomes of his creative endeavors. Although the selection covers the span of many years, there is a recognizable handwriting in the music – the recognizable (but sometimes difficult to read) handwriting of a doctor who is prescribing drugs to himself in very high dosages – voices from the “antidimensional fetishistic platform” processed through effects and echo, harsh noises, naive melodies, alien landscapes, hypnotic ambience… We would gladly recommend you to listen through everything VooDooMan has produced and find your own gems, but be warned that this might be a dangerous activity which could leave you with permanent damage.

Listen & download here.

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Out now: System Monitor

More info & download

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