VooDooMan – Gauss trigger part 2 (podcast)

Description by VooDooMan:
“I used Gauss-curve-triggered LFO, some vocoder, some reverb, and other LFO’s-controlled effect structures. There is also real bell from Tibet, tuned in C sharp, and my own voice. I also used few types of loudspeakers in feedback with microphone. Rendered at 128-bit float precision, with enabled high precision arithmetic and rounding control. Of course, there was plenty lots of Alprazolam in my veins.

I would like to thank to my friend Flipik who forced me to do some work and release.”

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OUT NOW: Proposal for an Alteration of the Score

LOM04“Proposal for an Alteration of the Score” is the newest release by Jolana Havelková (visual artist) and Lucie Vítková (composer). The work is an allusion to František Kmoch, a 19th century composer who lived in the Czech city of Kolín. Jolana has created new interpretations of Kmoch’s works and turned them into graphic scores. These were then played and recorded by Lucie (on accordion, piano, organ and voice) at different places, each somehow relating to Kmoch’s life. The result is a minimalistic and rivetting work, combining lost memories and flashbacks with Kolín’s contemporary sonic environment.

Listen, download and get CDs here.

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Pre-order “Návrh na změnu partitury” now

Our new release is now available as digital and physical pre-order on our bandcamp with preview of 3 tracks.

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