LOM+you 2023 selected projects
Name Country of project Link Instagram
Chris Dooks Scotland https://www.chrisdooks.org/ @drchrisdooks
Nithin Shamsudhin India https://nithinshams.work/ @nithinshams
Kosmas Phan Dinh Germany www.kosmasdinh.com @kosmasdinh
Jami Reimer Canada https://jamireimer.weebly.com/ @jamisreimer
Anmol Tikoo India https://www.newyorker.com/news/dispatch/the-clear-night-sky-over-india-and-chinas-hostile-border
Alexis Perpelycia Argentina http://www.alexisperepelycia.com.ar/ @gauchoszombies
Lisa Schonberg Brazil http://www.lisaschonberg.com/ant-acoustics-in-amazonas @lisaannschonberg & @ericavale_
Arielle Estrada Senegal https://arigatak.hotglue.me/
George Moraitis Greece https://georgemoraitis.gr/
Eleni-Ira Panourgia Germany https://www.eleniirapanourgia.com/
Cia Himiân Lí Taiwan https://www.ciahimianli.com/ @ciahimianli
Leonard Maassen Switzerland https://leonardmaassen.com/ @leoleoleomaa
Pale Blue Dot collective UK https://palebluedotcollective.org/ @pale.blue.dot.collective
Chris Myhr Canada https://www.chrismyhr.com/
Viki Arvay Slovakia @_vikii_a
Frontyard space Australia https://www.frontyardprojects.org/ @frontyardorg
Douglas Tewksbury Arctic (from Canada) https://tewksbury-music.com/ @douglas.tewksbury
Raphaële Dupire France https://raphaeledupire.fr/ @raphaeledupire
Cosmo Sheldrake UK https://www.cosmosheldrake.com/ @cosmosheldrake
Mafalda Ramos Brazil https://www.documentary-campus.com/p/mafalda-ramos @_im_pulso
Jury for this edition consisted of Andrej Chudý (NEXT festival programme advisor, LOM+you coordinator), Jonáš Gruska (sound artist, field recordist, LOM founder), Sara Pinheiro (guest lecturer at The Institute of Sonology, sound artist and designer).
LOM+you is an initiative by LOM, with goal to support artists / field recordists / journalists / students on low budget. We have already supported several interesting people in need of a good microphone, and now we’ve made this option public.
Supported projects and artists