Voi Doid – Atman-Brahman

Released as MC and webrelease

Music and recording by Voi Doid
Mastering by Angakok Thoth
Cover by Luboš Auda
Thanks to Andrej Chudý

2015 CC BY-NC-ND 3.0

Elena Pustova (Voi Doid) was born in 1990, Kaliningrad, Russia. The musical breaking point for her came when she was eighteen years old. Various elements started merging together in her brain. Academia and Sufi trance of Jajouka, industrial music and african tribal dances. Step by step, day by day, the deeper she was falling in the rabbit hole, the stronger she was staying on her curious venture to find out her own meaning of sound.

Atman–Brahman is a product of this psychedelic search. Taking ancient trance songs – mantras, Sufi songs – and intertwining them with synth noise and сonga beats, she is creating music that at the same time is exploring trance and is trance.