t16c – re

Released as cassette and webrelease

Cover by Andrej Nechaj
Photos by Andrej Nechaj and Peter Kudlička
Mastering by Angakok at Mydriasis
2020 CC BY-NC-ND 3.0

t16c is a duo formed by underground Slovak musicians. Two friends, Peter Kudlička (16 colours, EGA) and Andrej Nechaj (Tatratank) have been making music for over 20 years. t16c is a natural result of their unceasing commitment to diverse sonics.

“re” is a debut collaborative album of t16c. Post-apocalyptic space exploration, transmitted over lo-fi radio signal back to the Earth. Grid-less, yet pulsating culmination of eerie field recordings, samples, and electronics. Alluring melancholic glimpses of an unclear future.