Jonáš Gruska – Spevy

To be released as 12″ LP and webrelease

All tracks recorded and composed by Jonáš Gruska
“Spev cvrčka” is partly performed by Merak Jagad gamelan orchestra
Mastering by Rashad Becker at Dubplates & Mastering
Cover by Birch Cooper and Brenna Murphy

2017 CC BY-NC-ND 3.0

Chaotic (poly)rhythms generated by natural elements such as wind and water, extended and combined with micro-improvisations. Field recordings of trains, crickets, grasshoppers are joined by a generative synthesis, inspired by the traditional music of Laos. Sounds of Jonáš’s childhood, sounds of immediate surroundings, ultrasounds pitch-shifted to our hearing dimension.

The main theme of the album is erratical behaviour of the environment and fauna in collaboration with attempts to find a pattern and order; exploration of ASMR phenomenon through unconventional microphone techniques and deep focus on meridian-response-inducing timbres. Each used sound has a strong emotional connection with Jonáš’s past and has its own story in the overall experience.

Reviews and comments:
Thematically stacked, exploring ideas such as pattern within chaos, ASMR phenomenon, and unconventional microphone techniques, Spevy actually plays quite spaciously, with lots of room and time for disparate strands of field recordings to tangle and turn. Then giant humming birds circle around your washing machine.
Mike Pursley, Tiny Mix Tapes

Emily Pothast, The Wire magazine

Spevy preveria vaše schopnosti počúvania a na niektorých miestach zamestnajú mozog, ktorý sa nebude vedieť vysporiadať s nenápadnými zmenami rytmov či zvukovej dynamiky.
Peter Dolník, Rádio FM

Album Spevy může plnit podobnou, řekněme pedagogickou, funkci. Svou příjemností může být vstupními vrátky pro ty, jimž by poslouchání zvukům vlaků nebo cvrčků přišlo příliš divné. Poslouchá se jako příjemná hudba, ale zároveň ukazuje, co všechno lze jako hudbu poslouchat.
Matej Kratochvíl, His Voice

Petr Ferenc, A2