fieldsJonáš Gruska – Vzduchotechnika

Released as CD and webrelease

Recorded by Jonáš Gruska
Thanks to Petra Čížková, staff of Tržnica, Jonny Fox, Andrej Chudý, Angakok Thoth
Fields serie design by Jozef Tušan

2014 CC BY-NC-ND 3.0

“Vzduchotechnika” is a set of field recordings taken from publicly inaccesible ventillation system machinery; circulating massive amounts of air in a soviet-era market place (Tržnica na Trnavskom mýte) in Bratislava. During two recording sessions, Gruska was able to capture various entomological rhythms and overwhelming drones created by the plethora of moving elements in the system, defining its unique sonic footprint.