Avsluta – fold.

Released as CD and webrelease

Text by Avsluta and Andrej Chudý
Cover by Jonáš Gruska
Special thanks: Hudred Years Gallery, Erik Lintunen, Zoe Anderson, Fingal Ashford, Kristýna Kothánková, Pavla Kilianová, Vishal Kahate, Alex Wallace, Andrej Chudý, Iveta Sedláková, Monika Šubrtová, Alba Prat, David Toop, Lucia Kovaľová and Jonny Fox

2019 CC BY-NC-ND 3.0

“fold.” is a field recording taken from the inside of a flock of thousands of cranes. It starts with the rustling of a single bird and slowly grows into a swooping wave. “fold.” reanimates the ancient tradition of senbazuru, the act of folding a thousand origami cranes; which promises to make any wish come true. It explores the sonic potential of paper in interaction with repetitive human gestures and their tangible surroundings. A swelling cloud of perpetual motion, of buried clues with an infinity of possibilities waiting to be discovered. A listening environment inviting your curious ears and adventurous minds to inhabit.


Lucie Štepánková (Avsluta) is an electro-acoustic composer and performer, improviser and sound artist investigating structured and intuitive processes in synthesis, actual and possible sonorities of objects and materials and creative potentiality of field recordings. She creates progressive compositions with attention to the emotive and altered states and develops immersive listening events, performances and environments.