Jolana Havelková & Lucie Vítková – Návrh na změnu partitury

Released as CD and webrelease

Concept of the project, graphic scores by Jolana Havelková
Music by Lucie Vítková
Mastering by Angakok Thoth at Mydriasis studio
Booklet by Lucie Spurná and Jonáš Gruska
2012-2013 CC BY-NC-ND 3.0

Many thanks to Norman Teale, Marek Slobodník, Katarína Gatialová and Ivan Kotačka

Jolana Havelková & Lucie Vítková - Návrh na změnu partitury 

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“Proposal for an Alteration of the Score” is the newest release by Jolana Havelková (visual artist) and Lucie Vítková (composer). The work is an allusion to František Kmoch, a 19th century composer who lived in the Czech city of Kolín. Jolana has created new interpretations of Kmoch’s works and turned them into graphic scores. These were then played and recorded by Lucie (on accordion, piano, organ and voice) at different places, each somehow relating to Kmoch’s life. The result is a minimalistic and rivetting work, combining lost memories and flashbacks with Kolín’s contemporary sonic environment.

The work is released as a CD as well as a digital release, both available on our bandcamp. The CD comes with a beautiful A3 booklet containing the graphic scores of the works as well as an extensive description of the project by Helena Musilová. The digital download contains scores and photos from the recording of the album.

15. JH - Andulko šafářova
Graphic score by Jolana Havelková on track no. 15 – Andulko šafářova

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