V.A. – Zvukolom

Released as webrelease

Cover by Matúš Hnát
Mastering by ::.: at mydriasis studio
2011 CC BY-NC-SA 3.0

Many thanks to Michal Ingeli and Norika crew, Peter Gonda and friends

Zvukolom is a selection of 14 tracks by 8 sound-artists, musicians and bands from Slovakia. The goal of this compilation was to introduce LOM and people associated with it to mark the direction of the label – we are mainly interested in marginal, not so well-known styles, playing with nontraditional aspects of sound aesthetics and music, “weird music” phenomenon, conceptual compositions, post-noise or total irrationality with squalls of unconsciousness.

On this compilation, you will find Unbending Intent – The Depth diver of mind and the Astronaut of sound fascinated by pareidolias, a post-modern chamber orchaostra Be Light Unto a Your Self, 1/x – a field bending and circuit recording duo quite well known on the Slovak scene, PRLN – a beekeeper of synths with a passion for sound, Mrkva – a fighter for the better tomorrow of noise, Andras E.G. Csefalvay – better known in visual art circles, but extraordinarily good post-folk songwriter, ::.: – a concrete forest grown tree climber, and Angakkut – a band consisting of various sound and visual artists, creating a strong combination of ambient, folk, blues and post-post-post-rock.

Reviews and comments

The “Zvukolom” compilation by the Slovakian experimental netlabel LOM is the exploration of the outer limits of Central and Eastern self-proclaimed “postmusic”. This term spans few wildly different genres – from cold, minimalist glitch & electroacoustic improv to outsider no-fi psychedelic folk, noise and ambient structures. While not relaxing and definitely not “easy” listening, this compilation is truly a challenge and a feast for adventurous mind and a reminder that every part of the world is sizzling with quests for the otherworldly and the undiscovered in music. Recommended.
Weed Temple, link